Artist, environmentalist, professional SCUBA diver, pun enthusiast—Emily Caffrey is an ocean junkie living, working, and creating in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. When she isn't busy burning, you can find her diving with sharks at the local aquarium or searching for them on the many wrecks along the Outer Banks coast, hunting for driftwood, or in a kayak exploring the salt water marshes that surround her home. 

There's nothing Emily loves more than marine wildlife, which is why you'll find a lot of aquatic and coastal creatures featured in her work. As a dive instructor and kayak guide, her passion for conservation comes to life through education, so make sure you check out the back of her artwork or her Instagram page @burnbabyburn_eac for a fun fact or two about the subject of the piece.

Each burning is free-handed by Emily and then burned—which means each piece is turtle-y unique and so-fish-ticated!